How Good Is Hola VPN Free Plan?

Hola is one of the largest community-powered VPNs that is used by over 160 million users from around the world. It is a freemium VPN and is available for both web and mobile devices. The free plan of the Hola is limited with some of the features. So today with this article we will see how good is Hola VPN free plan.

About Hola VPN Free Plan

Hola VPN free is available for the users who don’t want to spend and want to use the VPN services. With the free plan, you can do the basic thing like unblock some of the websites and watch content on some of the streaming channels.

Plan Included

  • A limited number of data
  • Supports only 1 device
  • FAQs support

Pros & Cons Of Hola VPN Free

Below are some of the pros and cons of Hola free plan

The plan is freeLack of no logs policy
Good for beginnersLimited data
Unblocks different websitesConnects with an only a single device
 No email support

These are the pros and cons of using the Hola VPN free plan. However, you can use the paid plans of this VPN where you will be getting some of the most extensive features.

By using the Hola Promo Code you will get a special discount of up to 80% off on the plans of Hola VPN.

Should I use Hola VPN Free Plan

A beginner who is looking for a basic VPN for surfing the internet can use the free VPN. Also, if your work on the internet is not essential then you can rely on it.

You can easily use Hola VPN for free by just installing it on your devices and enjoy the features that you will get with this free plan.

However, with the paid plan of Hola VPN, you will get unlimited bandwidth, great security, and most importantly the no-logs policy.

Final Thought

Hola VPN is one of the biggest community-powered P2P model VPN that has both free and paid plans. The free plan is limited to some of the good features and it can only be connected with a single device at a time.

Hola VPN free plan is good for the newbies and those who are not concerned about their online security.

So if you are also from one of those who want to use the free plan for some basic work then this plan is made for you.

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